12 Dolls of Christmas 2016

They are here!  The 12 Dolls of 2016!!!  Each month is represented by a special designed doll designed by Janet Gaar & Connie Girard (and help from our staff)!!!  This is a major undertaking, and never thought we could compete with all our cute creations last year!   But we had a blast doing these and they are all kitted up ready to go!!!  The cost is $6 per doll, or buy all 12 for only $65!!!  We will also ship all of them for $5 postage!!!

**These dolls are not put together, but the cutting is actually minimized this year.  All dolls come with at least one special designed silhouette image, at least one color copy image and all dolls already water colored for you!  We will also have layouts kits to match all these dolls next year!!!

These were all so much fun!  It all starts with our January doll “Cassidy”!  She was my baby…and had to be super special!  She is also my favorite!  She welcomes the year 2016 with our new Event theme!

Welcome 2016…to the Wild, Wild West!



Cassidy welcomes you to the year of the Wild Wild West!  This one is really an original because we couldn’t just use the cowgirl doll stamp.  That would be too easy!  We started from scratch and had to add some tricks to create her!  She comes with a horse, 3-d title, hat with rivets, vest (4 pieces), rope and town!  Her skin & hair is watercolored for you.  She is sure to be a big hit this year!  Yeeeeee-Ha!



Could our year be complete without royalty?  Tuesday is the queen of Mardi Gras and comes complete with a sequin lined satin cape, lace collar that is stickled for you, glittered specialty paper dress & train, crown and Sceptor accented with a rhinestone.  Her hair and skin is watercolored for you.


blossom name

I love spring!  Everything is in bloom and coming to life!  Blossom welcomes spring and all the cute things that come along with it!  She comes complete with a 3-D “Easter” title, birdhouse, wooden bird, eggs, die cut/punched flowers, die cut grass, rhinestones and bunny!  She is also watercolored for you.



This year we had to use the boy, and in Louisiana you can’t forget crawfish season!  It’s a huge part of our culture!  Claud is our little clever creation, and so were all his accessories!  This is truly an original, and never done before!  He comes complete with a special designed die cut apron, silver pot, my original designed crawfish and paddle.  He also comes with a baseball cap, potato, corn, rubber boots and Zataran’s creole seasoning!  C’est Bon!

sprinkles & chip

Happy Birthday!  Birthday’s come once a year, so a birthday doll is a must!  This year we are actually giving you a choice of the boy or girl birthday banner!   Meet  “Sprinkles” and “Chip”.  The dolls are displayed on a banner and come complete with a die cut title “Happy” banner and word “birthday”, and mats to display the birthday girl/boy’s picture.  The kit also comes with twine, balloons, cupcake and cookie.  The dolls are watercolored for you.


sunny copy

The beach is one of my favorite places to be and is always a favorite with all our customers!  Meet “Sunny”!  She is all ready for the beach and  comes complete with a die cut sun (3 pieces), sunglasses (2 pieces put together for you) chipboard fence with wire, paper for sand, hat, bag with accessories, & a tiny paper flower.  The doll is also water colored for you.

Benjamin and Betsy

Benjamin & Betsy

God Bless America!  We have to celebrate our American spirit in this election year and world of terrorism!  Benjamin stands strong with Betsy who proudly shows her American Spirit with her “I Voted” button!   This kit contains both dolls, a boy & a girl!  It comes complete with a 3-D die cut title with statue of Liberty and stars!. It also comes with a die cut map/flag.  Also included are the 2 baseball hats,  and “I voted” button.  Show your American Spirit with this cute set!!  Both dolls are watercolored for you.




Get ready to take a trip with this super cute world traveler doll “Journey”.  Journey was completely created with the Prima water color pencils, so she is truly a fashion original!   I love those pencils so much better than Copics! This cute doll kit includes 1/2 of an 12″ die cut printed compass, a die cut plane (2 pieces), die cut title, globe, suitcase and watercolored hat, pop up pieces and trim for the dress!



This is one of my favorites!  I wanted do something different for school, and wanted to do something really “fun”.  This super cute doll was inspired by all the field trips I use to take with my kids.  Meet Taylor and her friends!  The kit comes with the bus with 4 doll heads (7 pieces), the doll “taylor”, and twine for her bow.  The “field Trip” part can actually be left off if you would rather it say nothing, or want to add your own title!!  All dolls are watercolored for you.




Halloween is always one of my favorites!  Besides loving candy, I also love dressing up!  Meet “Frankie”!  She’s so cute and clever, she will leave you in “Stitches”!  Frankie comes complete with a large die cut castle & road.  You will also get a cute die cut lightening bolt, the 3 tombstones and ribbon for her skirt. Frankiie is watercolored green and is also stitched for you!


We had to use another boy doll, and created this really cute scarecrow “Patch”!  He comes complete with 3 die cut corn stalks, 3 crows, basket with pumpkins and twine.  The scarecrow doll comes complete with hat, pole to hang him, hay & of course…..patches!  He is watercolored for you…and stitched mouth and nose are added for you too!


And finally….Joy!  Buying gifts for everyone is one of the “Joy’s” of Christmas!  This year we created the cutest Christmas shopper “Joy”!   She is another one of my favorites and comes complete with bags and boutique!  The kit includes doll, 3 bags (with ribbon), tissue paper, boutique, die cut hat with pom pom (3 pieces).

Merry christmas everyone, and a happy 2016!!!


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12 Dolls of Christmas – 2015

I want to introduce to you our new 12 dolls of Christmas!  We’ve been working on them for the past few months, and I am so excited about the reveal!  A big special thanks to Connie, Annie and Andrea for helping me design and putting together all those kits!    Each one comes with a color copy of an image, silhouette designs and of course the Prima Doll stamped pieces.  The doll kits come as shown in picture.  You put them together.  These Doll kits will be available for purchase individually for $5.99 or as a set for only $65 (You get 1 doll free).  What’s even more special is that Bea & I will be created 12 layouts to go with these Dolls in February!  So get your Dolls now, put them together and get ready for another Bea Day!

Special Dec. 1st – 5th – get 1 doll free with each kit ordered.  Kits available are on our Kitz2go page on our website starting December 1st @ 10 am.   Classes/Class kits are not included in this special. Order early to have a better selection of  kit availability.  We will not be remaking older page kits.  Check our dolls and layout kits on our website www.trmemories.com

We will be remaking our dolls throughout the year, but some dolls may change because of paper/product availability.


January – Isabella the Ice Princess

Doll - Freeze.aspx_edited-1

February – Jessie the Jester

doll - jessie the jester.aspx_edited-1

March – Lucky the Leprechaun

official dollIMG_2400

April – Bunny’s basket

official easter doll

May – Mia’s Mother’s Day Card

Official card

June – Mariah the Mermaid

xofficial mermaid with starfish_edited-1

July – Seanna the Sailor

Doll - Sally the Sailor.aspx

August – School Time – Danny and Sandy


September – Fiesta Birthday with card


October – Victoria the Vampire

Doll - Victoria the Vampire.aspx_edited-1

November – Pumpkin in the patch

doll - penelope.aspx_edited-1

December – Peppermint in Candy Cane Lane

doll - Pepperment.aspx_edited-2

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You Pull My Heartstrings!

We had our February Calendar class today and I wanted to share some of our customer’s work.  I love it when people bring pictures to class.  I also love it when people think outside the box and change-up the layout with their own creativity.

Taking classes is always so much fun!  Besides learning new techniques, taking classes is a great way to spend time with your fellow scrapping friends.  This month our layout was made with a mixture of My Mind’s Eye “Record it” line and Authentique’s “Smitten’s line.  We taught a new technique of layering papers and learning how to use a new circle cutter.  Connie and I even designed a template that allows you to cut the perfect circle in the middle of the page!  Circle’s are always fun, and they are so easy and fun to layer.  We also introduced some new pop dots that come on a roll!  They were a huge hit because you can cut them any size and you don’t have all those little squares to throw away!!


febAnd….if you want to add a cute doll to your layout, our February 12 dolls of Christmas works perfectly!  Here are some really cool examples of some layouts created in today’s class!  Take a look at the last one with the balloons!


Here’s Mrs. Jill’s creation.  She is so smart!  She always calls me before the class to ask me the size pictures she needs to bring.  When she leaves the class, her layout is really done!  Loved her pictures!!!


What a cute idea!!  Kissing your baby all over with red lipstick!  Mrs. Priscilla is going to kiss a few of the hearts with red lipstick when she gets home and place and tuck them around the picture on the right!  How cute!!!


This is Rebecca’s layout.  She’s a new scrapper, but you would never know that!  Noticed how she rearranged her layout to fit her doll.    Rebecca hates wasting any scrap paper left over, so she took the extra left over hearts and tucked them at the bottom.  She also used the x-tra paper strips that were cut off the bottom of the page to place across the Polaroid’s.  Why didn’t we think of that???   It’s funny how the teacher’s learn things from our customer’s in class too!


And Mrs. Cheryl created this cute look by pulling her doll kit apart and crunching the doily  behind the hearts.  Also, After adding her doll to the layout, she got really creative and changed the hanging hearts to balloons!  Love it!!!

Can’t wait to see what all the customers in our other 3 classes this week will create!!

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New Kitz Girl Kit….”Cupid’s Arrow”

Love is in the air, and I’ve been inspired to create a new layout.  Everyone’s been asking me what my next kit girl kit would be.  I wasn’t sure.  When all the cute Valentine lines arrived at the store, I was inspired.  On Tuesday, after teaching my class, then putting out the freight, around 5:30 pm I started working on this layout.  By 6:15 pm I had the basis down.  I went home, slept on it, then came back the next day and finished it.  I can’t tell you how much fun it was creating this layout!


I love chalkboard papers and have never used them.  So that was my challenge.  The cute Jillibean’s Pea Pods are to die for!!!  There are 52 embellishments in this box and I almost used every one of them.  I love paper straws, and at my register I have a variety of them, and I keep adding designs to collection.  So many customers ask me “how do you use the straws”?  So here’s the perfect example of what to do.  I made a cute bouquet of balloons, lollipops and fun Valentine’s elements.  To top it all off I added a straw with a die that slides right on top!!!  There are all kinds of new patterns on the silhouette for shapes that fit on top of straws.  I just loved the “Be Mine”.  So I added that to the bouquet.

photo 1

Where does the Fox Go???

The fox was one of my favorite embellishments in the  Pea Pod pack, and just couldn’t find a place to put him!  Connie and Annie kept laughing at me….and couldn’t understand why I had a fetish with this cute little fox.  I think I figured it out.  He looks like my dog Meeko!!!  What do you think???  Of course, you need to look beyond the pink…..



He is definitely one of the little loves of my life and deserves to be front and center!!!  So, if it was my personal layout, I would place him here on top of the cute heart!  Feel free to think outside the box and change the layout to suit your pictures and your tastes!!!  Anyway….just wanted to let you know….you get this bonus  cute little fox with this kit!  You can decide where the fox goes!


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A sweet Scrapbooking Story…

The month of December was super busy at the store!  In addition to our classes, and our 12 Dolls of Christmas sales, we have customers that come in needing last minute help for finishing up scrapbook presents.  There is one special story I want to share.

Jonathan came in our store wanting to make a scrapbook for his wife.  He had all these ideas about how he wanted to do it running through his head and really wanted to do it himself.  You know, when a man comes into our store, it’s usually to get a gift certificate.  To actually want to participate in making a scrapbook for his wife is rare!  I always like to help men who want to take the time out to do something special.

Well, the next day he brought in all his pictures, cards and momento’s and spread them on the table and told me how he wanted to do it.   Me and my girls  (Annie & Anna) started helping him create this special scrapbook.  His work was laid out on all the tables all week, and many people viewed them.   By the end of the week he had won the admiration and hearts of all the women shopping and cropping at our store!

Here are just a few of the pages created.  NOTE:  He wrote all these sayings himself.  He also stayed by us all week journaling and making all the decisions on paper and placement.  (some things were blurred for his privacy).


baseba;; copy

loves of miy life copywalk_edited-1

holdmeanliness copy

blackwhite copy

wedding copy

At the end Jonathan brought in his daughter Ellia.  She helped paint the frame for the front of the book.  I took this cute picture of Ellia, Jonathan and Annie looking at the final book!  The front of the book was actually the baseball he proposed to his wife with.  Johnathan is a professional baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers, and got his start at our home school, ULL.


It was really a pleasure helping Jonathan create this memory that will be cherished by his wife and daughter forever.  It was also very refreshing seeing a guy so smitten with his wife and daughter!

signed baseball_edited-1

Here’s a baseball he signed for me!  I’m going to put it next to Danny Farquhar’s baseball that was sign just a few months earlier (Beatriz’s son).  So Cool!   Scrapbooking for yourself or for others can be rewarding in so many ways!


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12 Dolls of Christmas & Classes at TM

dolls panoramic copy

We started the 12 Dolls of Christmas on Black Friday and they have been an awesome hit!  If you make a $10 purchase, you get a doll kit for free!  We also are selling them as a total set for $65.  We will be having layouts or kits that match these dolls all throughout the year!  How much fun is that?!!??  Connie and I designed these dolls in one weekend.  I can’t tell you how much fun making these were!  I would totally suggest giving these as a gift to your daughter for Christmas (ages 9 – 16).  They will have a blast designing!!

We have also been working on lots of new classes for the store!  Connie Girard designed this months Calendar Class “Christmas Magic”.

Christmas magic

Kiasercraft’s paper line “Christmas Carol” has the beautiful rich colors that make this layout stunning!  The Christmas tree is made with assorted ribbons and textures.  You will also learn how to make these beautiful poinsettia’s by hand!  Connie said she learned this technique in her Donna Downey class a few years ago and applied it to making flowers.  She showed me how to do it the other day, and I have to say, it’s a totally awesome technique, and so easy!!!




We have another awesome class and a new teacher!  Be a Rodriguez is a very talented designer known for her vintage style.  She loves doing books, and has taught her book making techniques to a lot of people.  Everyone begged her to do a class, and her she is!

The book above is a book made out of toilet paper rolls!  It’s pretty amazing!  I helped her with the instructions, and I’m not much of a book person, but I really like this one!  It’s really not too hard, and the result is amazing!  We even make the cute Santa hat with the Tim Holtz tiny attacher!!  It’s so much fun!!  If you didn’t get a chance to take it this month, she will be doing a Vintage one early in 2014.

If you live out of town, and would like the instructions, I will be selling them on my website (www.trmemories.com)  for $5 after the class.  They 3 colored pages of very detailed instructions with lots of pictures.



Then there’s my block party class!  How much fun were these to do???  I got this idea at my big convention in Rayne.  A table was making these.  Then I noticed, these blocks were all over Pinterest!!  I’ve put a twist on it and added little hangers so you can interchange the season’s or titles!  You can also turn them around to a “White” side so you can add title’s like “Easter” or baby names!

My Dad cut the wood for me.  A special thanks to him!  They are just 2 by 4’s cut up!  Very easy to do!  I’ve come up with 4 titles for my class.  But the possibilities are endless.  My instructions gives you all the measurements to make your own titles at home!


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Weekend of Inspiration

This past weekend was so awesome!  Not only did we have a guest teacher, Suzy West, but we got to stay at the Lazy Lucy in Scott.


The Lazy Lucy is a new retreat house here in Lafayette.  I have to say, I was very excited when Donna told me she was opening her retreat house.  The retreat house will sleep/crop 12 people.  It’s very nice.  We had a blast.  I have to say, she goes above and beyond making you feel welcomed and at home!

We scheduled the Lazy Lucy as a get away for our store employees to bond and talk about  what kinds of things we can plan for our store.  The whole weekend gave us all kinds of inspiration!


Donna Lanclos (Owner of Lazy Lucy), Suzy West (teacher), Connie Girard (TM Teacher)

Not all of us could stay the whole time.  Philecia worked the store and had to go home and study for finals.  Wendy and Andrea cropped on Thursday and Friday.  Connie and Phyllis were troopers and cropped the whole weekend.  Suzy got a little cropping done and actually made me a layout!  I took some pictures of us cropping in the crop room and some of the layout creations….





Here are some of Wendy’s creations made with our new Carta Bella and Teresa Collins paper lines…ImageImageImageImageImageImage


Suzy made me a layout!  How sweet!  Suzy is a hoot and I hope she comes back to our store and teaches one day!

For more information about booking the Lazy Lucy, check out the Lazy Lucy Website: http://www.lazylucy.com/



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