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Memberships & Crops

Be a Member!

If you’re a scrapbooker, then there’s a huge chance you would want a membership at “Scrapbook with TM”!  Our theme this year is “Hollywood”!  2011 is going to be a fun year of scrapbooking, and I hope you will want to join in on all the fun!  I’ve been asked so many questions about memberships.  Here is what our 2011 membership consists of:

1.  You will get a cute backstage cropping pass for the year 2011!   You will be able to crop day, crop nights, and weekends at no charge.  This includes using the Cricut.  We have a huge assortment of Cricut Cartridges to choose from and use.  You will check them out by giving us your backstage pass.  When you check them back in, we give your backstage pass back.

**Cropping without a membership day or night or use of the Cricut machine is $5.  The fee is NOT waived with a purchase.

2.  You get a coupon book with a coupon for each month of the year.  The coupons were really popular last year, and we’re making them really special this year.

3.  A  t-shirt.  Paula and Connie Designed the shirt design above!   It is sooooooo cute!  Scrapper’s love to collect them, and you can only get this t-shirt by buying the 2011 membership.

Cost:  $50 – but if you buy it on our Grand Opening weekend (November 12th – 14th), it will be a very special price of $25!!!  I know that sounds unbelievable, but we want everyone to be able to afford being a member!

Crops and Crop nights

*Cropping is open all hours we are open, except during special events.

*We’ve made a change for crop nights. We use to be open every Friday night.  Now we are setting 2 Fridays out of every month for cropping.  We are hoping to make it the 1st and 2nd Friday of every month.  It may change.  We will have them posted on the calendar at least 1 month in advance.  This doesn’t mean we won’t open another crop night on a Friday or Saturday.  If we have a special requests for a group of 6 or more, we will open crop night.  You just need to let us know at least 1 week in advance so we can get someone to work it.  We will also have special crops throughout the year (Like Big Brother Crops) where you get together with your friends and watch “Big Brother” and crop.  All these crops are included in the membership too.

Sign up for crops

We would appreciate if you would sign up for crop nights.  We would hope you would sign up before Friday morning.  I will have it designed so you can conveniently sign up online.  You can also call the store.   This is important so we can prepare for table space.   If you call and sign up, you will have first choice for 6 foot table space!  Also, sometimes we prepare make and takes to demo new products.   If you don’t sign up, there is a chance you might not get to do one.

We are having a crop night in October  this Friday the 15th and a Halloween Crop on the 29th!  You can come dressed in your favorite costume and we’re doing a really cool Halloween layout make and take!!!  Cropping is free for everyone for the month of October and November.  That’s right!!!  No cropping fees!  We’re hoping to get lots of people coming and seeing how much fun crops can be!!!

TV in Crop room:

Yes, we will have a TV in the crop room.  We are not going to have the TV on all the time.  The TV will be used for classes and special events.  Of course, Saint’s Games and LSU games are considered special events.  You will need a radio with headphones to access the volume of the TV.  The TV will stay on mute and you can listen to it through your headphones.  Not everyone likes a TV on when they crop and we need to respect that.

Thanks everyone!  If you have any questions, please call the store…

ps… the phone line should be up and running this week!!!

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Opening Day – October 9, 2010!

We closed our doors on Arnould Blvd. at the end of July.  It’s been a little over 2 months, and finally the day had come.  We opened our doors at 106 Westmark Blvd.  It was quiet an experience.  The store looked amazing.  We were so busy, it really shocked me how many people were there!  I want to thank everyone for making us feel so welcome and supporting us, and waiting in the long lines to check out.  Here are some cute pictures of our first day.  It was fun.  It was exciting.  It was amazing!

My awesome staff:  Mandy, Melissa, Jeanne, Janet, Connie, Wendy & Paula


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