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Store Updates!!! I’m Back!

Ok…it’s been wayyyyy too long!  I haven’t blogged in awhile.  I decided to try to catch up on all the things at the store!

Where do I start?  I guess I’ll start with what happened this week.  First of all, I just got a new gypsy!  I received it Wednesday, and I’ve been playing with it all week.  My Verdict:  I love it!

If you don’t know what a gypsy is, it is an accessory that goes with the cricut.  What does it do?  Gosh.  It does a whole lot!  I would start by saying it stores all your cartridges in one place!  You can take it with you without having to bring all your cartridges and the bulky boxes.  The little device connects to your Cricut and you use your cartridges in ways you never thought you could!   It’s really like a mini computer.  The beauty of it is….it weld’s your letters and images together!  You can mix images from one cartridge and letters from another…weld it all together and cut!  It is really pretty amazing!

I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone.  If you hate fooling with computers, don’t even think about getting it.  It will sit in the box for a long time.  It is kinda tedious getting started, but once you have all the uploads and updates and cartridges loaded, It’s not too bad.  I have alot to do before the show, but at the end of July I would like to get a class together and teach people how to use it.

*** If you do have one, we do make the gypsy styluses to attach to your stylus.  It’s a must.  I put one on my stylus and still had trouble keeping track of it all week.

New Kitz Girlz Disney Kitz!

Ok…wendy and I are so excited!  The response to our Disney Kitz kind of took us by surprise!  I’m so excited so many people are ordering our Kitz!   The cost is only $40….for all 4 layouts!!!!  Check them out:

***Note:  For the Buzz Lightyear layout, you have a choice of the Buzz Jolee’s or the Toy Story Jolees

If you would like to reserve one of these kitz, reserve your kitz here:

Classes for the Rayne Forest:

If you are attending the Event, we have some awesome classes for the Rayne Forest!  You can sign up for them right now!!!!

Capella Bella

Designed and Taught by Connie Girard

Frogs Just Wanna Have Fun

Designed and Taught by the Kitz Girlz

Father’s Day Calendar Class

Designed and Taught by Wendy Reaux

There are limited spaces available, so sign up early!!!

The Acadiana Cropper Event

The event is right around the corner!!  I can’t wait to see everyone!  We have an awesome make and take prepared….and we will be custom making Trinkets (Scissor Charms and Gypsy Charms)!  This is the perfect gift for all those “Secret Pals”!

***I’m also teaching a “New Orleans rendezvous” Class.  Tabitha, the director of the crop told me that my class was pretty full.  I can take 4 more students.  If you haven’t sign up for the class, make sure you do so when you get to the event.  I’m going to also try and make about 8 more kits to sell.  The class is going to be Friday Evening.  I will have 20 students.  If you are taking the class, please come to our booth Thursday evening or some time Friday, and I can take everyone personally aside and help them do their spectrum.  This way I can have individual attention with each student to teach them this technique.  You’ll also be able to go to class and have the hardest part complete!!!  You are going to love this technique!!!!


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