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Karen Russell Teaches at Treasured Memories!

Monica, Melissa, Karen, Janet, Connie, JoDeen

Monica, Melissa, Karen, Janet, Connie, JoDeen


I have tons of things to share with you about Karen Russle’s visit to our store!  The first thing that I have to share with you is “Wow”!  Karen is an amazing person and teacher!  Her knowledge of cameras and the things she taught us was a life changing moment for me!  It’s like learning how to scrapbook for the first time and falling in love with a pictures all over again!  I learned how to not only take better pictures, but I learned how to make my pictures look kind of like “art”. 

I also want to thank all of our students!  Karen complimented the whole class for being so patient and such good students!  We had 48 students attend the class!  To have that many people in a class and have it run so smoothly….all of us were so impressed!

Karen makes us understand the term “Composition”

Karen’s whole presentation was such a learning experience!  She is an awesome teacher and fills her lessons with personal life stories and lots of giggles!  When Karen spoke of compistion, she taught us complementary ways to make people look better in pictures.  Here she is showing us how to pose in pictures to bring out all your good features.  This is what amazes me about her, she goes to great lengths to make sure her audience understands “why” it’s better that way…


Learning that there is other parts of the camera besides the “on” button, the view finder and the button that you push to take the pictures was actually an eye opening experience.  The camera is like a mini computer.  The things your camera can do is kind of like learning Photoshop.  You take it one step at a time, practice it, and practice it and practice it.   The more you practice, the better you get.  When you make that first step and things start “clicking”  the feeling is amazing!  dsc_0935thubu2dsc_0924thum1 


   Karen took us outside to practice shooting outdoors. 


 Karen suggested for everyone get a partner and practice shooting one another!dsc_0983thum  The weather was so perfect, which made the assignment one of my favorites!  Outdoor shooting is a favorite of mine.





One of the coolest things I learned was how to capture the subject and blur the background so the subject stands out!  It is the coolest thing!  Look at the picture of Karen above and then look at the picture of Monica below!  The technique is so cool!dsc_0954














 Some of the cool facts about Karen is she rarely uses a flash.  She has lots of lenses, but her favorite is her 50 mm lens.  Karen’s favorite camera brand is Cannon.  Karen takes no fewer than 140 pictures for every event.  One of the cutest facts is that she never goes anywhere without her camera, and it’s always on!  Did you know that your camera can stay on at all times?  It goes into a sleep mode so the batteries don’t die.

My most exciting moment yesterday was when I finally got my background to blur beautifully!  It was a magic moment!  I can’t wait to get home and play with my camera!  I’m sure everyone in the class feels this way!  Thanks so much Karen for making our day so special!


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