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A Little Christmas Magic!

Have you been to Wendy’s Calendar Class?  We started this class many years ago, and the class has changed teachers a few time, including me!!!  It started out having a calendar grid on every layout.  Wendy has changed the class up a bit, but one thing has never changed is the popularity of this class!  We also try to make sure there is a different technique every month too.

This month was such a fun class!   Wendy had a total of 4 classes with a total of 76 students! Because of her creativity and organization, she has taken this class to a new level!  It’s really a fun class.  Wendy has just as much fun creating this class as she does teaching it!!!   I’m going to show you a really cool technique our students learned in the December Calendar class…enjoy!!

We’re going to learn how to make this wonderful fireplace!

First of all, you take grey cardstock and cut it 7″ x 8″.  You are going to cut a 4″ square out of the middle of the fireplace at the bottom.

Next, you will take some light molding paste and mix Tim Holtz Distressed stains in it with a spoon.  I used the colors Red Brick and Walnut.  There wasn’t an exact measurement, you just keep adding until the color looks right.  Now you are ready to make bricks!

You need the “Brick” stencil from Crafter’s workshop, a sponge brush and a surface to work on.  You place the stencil down on your fireplace cut out.  Make sure your bricks  line up straight.  Lightly brush the molding paste over your stencil.  You want it to be semi-thick and to have some texture to it.  You want to brush back and forth so that when it dries, it has the appearance of bricks.

You then carefully lift the stencil up, and see the magic of your bricks.  You will need to let this dry for about an hour or two.  It depends on how thick you put on your molding paste.  Once dry you can ink them.

We inked our bricks with aged mahogany and Walnut stain ink pads.  You can see how it brings out the texture and makes it look like real bricks!

We are almost done!  We then took the same Crafter’s Workshop brick stencil and spray misted a 5″ x 5″ gray cardstock with Tattered angel’s spray mist.  This piece goes on the back of the fireplace behind the fire.  We used the Tattered Angel’s color “Brick”…a great color!

We used some chipboard pieces and popped up the fireplace.  Because of the weight, you can’t use just pop dots.  The whole layout was created using the paperline “St. Nick” by Fancypants.  Here is the end result:

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On the 12th Day of Christmas My Scrapbook Store Gave to me…

It’s been a wonderful month!  We’ve been super busy at the store, not just with the tags and the sale, but classes too!  It’s also been a wonderful 2011!!  It’s so exciting seeing people create and have so much fun!  I look forward to what 2012 holds!  Thank you so much for making our year so special!

We are ending the Tags with a beautiful New Year tag created by Paula!   What a beautiful ending!!  The background (black) is a cardstock that is embossed with the clocks cuttlebug folder and inked with silver ink.   The Champagne glasses and words were cut out of the Cricut.   For the bottom of the tag, we used silver tinsel and a crystal bead fringe.

sale today:

1.  Come visit the store and we have a special gift for you!  A $5 gift certificate to use in 2012!  (In store only)

2. All books 50% off…includes Bobunny Books, chipboard and wooden books!

3.  Tim Holtz Stains 50% off!  Reg. $4.99 each!

Assorted colors available!

This tag matches our Signify Pink Scrapbook paper lines!

Thanks everyone for patiently calling and coming in every day!  We’ve really enjoyed the 12 Tags of Christmas countdown!  I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

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On the 11th Day of Christmas My Scrapbook Store gave to me…

On the 11th day of Christmas my scrapbook store gave to me….

A beautiful Christmas tag that will be “Blue without You”!

Sale today:

Buy a Scrappy Glue and get a free metal Scrappy Glue tip for free!  A $3.50 value!        Limit 3

Paula created this beautiful tag with some beautiful Paper placemats she found online!        Because of the limited quanities, we could only make 10 tags of each…so you have a choice!  Tag 1, Tag 2 or Tag 3!  Let us know which one is your favorite!  This tag matches royal blue papers and deep red papers!  Perfect for wearing jeans and red shirts!

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