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We Lost Our Lease Sale

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And the winners are…..

Anna Johnson

Beatriz Guzman

Vickie Melancon

Vickie’s Layout….

Anna’s Layout….

Beatriz’s Layout…

My kids counted the votes….and Cassidy told me that the voting was very close…there were so many awesome layouts to choose from!  These winners received a free entry into our next Rayne Forest Event!!!!  Congratulations girls!!!!

Thanks everyone for entering….it made the layout contest sooooooo fun!!!

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Layout Contest at the Rayne Forest!

We had 36 layouts entered into the contest.  The judging was really hard!  The layouts had to be created at the show.  I loved looking at all the new products all over these layouts!  Can you guess the winning layouts???  Winners will be posted tomorrow….

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Welcome to the Rayne Forest!!!

How much fun can you have in one weekend???  Put 200 croppers in one building and you will see!!!  It’s so exciting putting on an event.  When the event turns out to be this much fun… even gets better!!!  I’m going to be sharing all kinds of pictures with you.  I’ve been editing like crazy.  You are more than welcome to copy and print any of the pictures I post.  I’m going to be doing somemore slide shows.  I think you can actually get pictures off the slide show and make copies.

A very special thanks to all of my employees and helpers. This was the most organized and put together event ever for us!!!  The Design Team was the Bomb!  My kids ran the food booth and did a fabulous job!!!  All the classes were fabulous….thank you to all the teachers!  Rayne is our new home…it is an amazing place to have this event.  Clean, lots of space, and the people who run the Civic Center do everything first class!  The only complaint was how cold it was in the building…..Next year I’ll suggest bringing little heaters and jackets…..

If you missed out, we will be having this event next year in Rayne.  The dates are already booked (July 20 – 24th).  Set the date.

Now…Lets enter the Rayne Forest!

Before the event….we made sure we had lots of space between tables…and everyone got a 6 foot table!!!  This was a huge hit!  A special thanks to Franny Bobbit, Melanie Morris, Phyllis Marks, Casey Fontenot (and headed by Wendy Reaux) for decorating and help setting up the floor plan.

Our booth was the bomb!!!!  Heather bares designed the floor plan and had great little helpers to help set it all up!  Pat Guidry, Taylor Bares, Emily Gaudet and of course my brother “Mark”.  Jodeen and Heather were the main cashiers and Candy Spillers filled in at night!!  Thanks girls!

The Registration Table…..Set up and Designed by Emily Gaudet!!!

The food booth was a complete hit!!!  My kids did such a great job.  Of course Dakota works in the food industry….and he was an asset to the food booth.  Cassidy, who is only 15, also did a great job and even brought a friend to help.  Next year, in addition to what we offered this year,  we will also offer Salads & a Baked Potato Bar!!!!  I’ll also have to make “Gumbo” one night so it can warm everyone up!!!   Thanks for everyone’s suggestions…

The class room could fit up to 30 people!  It also served as an eating area and……

Melissa’s Zumba Class!  This will also be on next years agenda….

Then, when we allowed the crop room to stay open until 2 am on Saturday, there was a whole lot of craziness going on!!!   Lots of laughs and memories….

Last of all…we can’t forget our classes!!!

We will also be teaching at Scrapfest in September with all new classes….we hope to see you there!!!!

Stay tuned for more slide shows!!!!!

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Slide Show from the Rayne Forest

Can I tell you how much fun we had????  There is this big beautiful Mural right in front of the Civic Center…..just perfect for our Imagination Studio!  The pictures came out so awesome…and were lots of fun to do!!!  Everyone there received a 5 x 7 photo…and I thought everyone might enjoy seeing some of the pictures…I have lots more pictures coming!  Been editing all day yesterday and today!!!  I’ll be making another slide show of the layout contest..the layout were fabulous!!!  Stay tuned!!!


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