12 Dolls of Christmas 2016

They are here!  The 12 Dolls of 2016!!!  Each month is represented by a special designed doll designed by Janet Gaar & Connie Girard (and help from our staff)!!!  This is a major undertaking, and never thought we could compete with all our cute creations last year!   But we had a blast doing these and they are all kitted up ready to go!!!  The cost is $6 per doll, or buy all 12 for only $65!!!  We will also ship all of them for $5 postage!!!

**These dolls are not put together, but the cutting is actually minimized this year.  All dolls come with at least one special designed silhouette image, at least one color copy image and all dolls already water colored for you!  We will also have layouts kits to match all these dolls next year!!!

These were all so much fun!  It all starts with our January doll “Cassidy”!  She was my baby…and had to be super special!  She is also my favorite!  She welcomes the year 2016 with our new Event theme!

Welcome 2016…to the Wild, Wild West!



Cassidy welcomes you to the year of the Wild Wild West!  This one is really an original because we couldn’t just use the cowgirl doll stamp.  That would be too easy!  We started from scratch and had to add some tricks to create her!  She comes with a horse, 3-d title, hat with rivets, vest (4 pieces), rope and town!  Her skin & hair is watercolored for you.  She is sure to be a big hit this year!  Yeeeeee-Ha!



Could our year be complete without royalty?  Tuesday is the queen of Mardi Gras and comes complete with a sequin lined satin cape, lace collar that is stickled for you, glittered specialty paper dress & train, crown and Sceptor accented with a rhinestone.  Her hair and skin is watercolored for you.


blossom name

I love spring!  Everything is in bloom and coming to life!  Blossom welcomes spring and all the cute things that come along with it!  She comes complete with a 3-D “Easter” title, birdhouse, wooden bird, eggs, die cut/punched flowers, die cut grass, rhinestones and bunny!  She is also watercolored for you.



This year we had to use the boy, and in Louisiana you can’t forget crawfish season!  It’s a huge part of our culture!  Claud is our little clever creation, and so were all his accessories!  This is truly an original, and never done before!  He comes complete with a special designed die cut apron, silver pot, my original designed crawfish and paddle.  He also comes with a baseball cap, potato, corn, rubber boots and Zataran’s creole seasoning!  C’est Bon!

sprinkles & chip

Happy Birthday!  Birthday’s come once a year, so a birthday doll is a must!  This year we are actually giving you a choice of the boy or girl birthday banner!   Meet  “Sprinkles” and “Chip”.  The dolls are displayed on a banner and come complete with a die cut title “Happy” banner and word “birthday”, and mats to display the birthday girl/boy’s picture.  The kit also comes with twine, balloons, cupcake and cookie.  The dolls are watercolored for you.


sunny copy

The beach is one of my favorite places to be and is always a favorite with all our customers!  Meet “Sunny”!  She is all ready for the beach and  comes complete with a die cut sun (3 pieces), sunglasses (2 pieces put together for you) chipboard fence with wire, paper for sand, hat, bag with accessories, & a tiny paper flower.  The doll is also water colored for you.

Benjamin and Betsy

Benjamin & Betsy

God Bless America!  We have to celebrate our American spirit in this election year and world of terrorism!  Benjamin stands strong with Betsy who proudly shows her American Spirit with her “I Voted” button!   This kit contains both dolls, a boy & a girl!  It comes complete with a 3-D die cut title with statue of Liberty and stars!. It also comes with a die cut map/flag.  Also included are the 2 baseball hats,  and “I voted” button.  Show your American Spirit with this cute set!!  Both dolls are watercolored for you.




Get ready to take a trip with this super cute world traveler doll “Journey”.  Journey was completely created with the Prima water color pencils, so she is truly a fashion original!   I love those pencils so much better than Copics! This cute doll kit includes 1/2 of an 12″ die cut printed compass, a die cut plane (2 pieces), die cut title, globe, suitcase and watercolored hat, pop up pieces and trim for the dress!



This is one of my favorites!  I wanted do something different for school, and wanted to do something really “fun”.  This super cute doll was inspired by all the field trips I use to take with my kids.  Meet Taylor and her friends!  The kit comes with the bus with 4 doll heads (7 pieces), the doll “taylor”, and twine for her bow.  The “field Trip” part can actually be left off if you would rather it say nothing, or want to add your own title!!  All dolls are watercolored for you.




Halloween is always one of my favorites!  Besides loving candy, I also love dressing up!  Meet “Frankie”!  She’s so cute and clever, she will leave you in “Stitches”!  Frankie comes complete with a large die cut castle & road.  You will also get a cute die cut lightening bolt, the 3 tombstones and ribbon for her skirt. Frankiie is watercolored green and is also stitched for you!


We had to use another boy doll, and created this really cute scarecrow “Patch”!  He comes complete with 3 die cut corn stalks, 3 crows, basket with pumpkins and twine.  The scarecrow doll comes complete with hat, pole to hang him, hay & of course…..patches!  He is watercolored for you…and stitched mouth and nose are added for you too!


And finally….Joy!  Buying gifts for everyone is one of the “Joy’s” of Christmas!  This year we created the cutest Christmas shopper “Joy”!   She is another one of my favorites and comes complete with bags and boutique!  The kit includes doll, 3 bags (with ribbon), tissue paper, boutique, die cut hat with pom pom (3 pieces).

Merry christmas everyone, and a happy 2016!!!


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