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Clipboard Class Creations!

Wendy had her clipboard class this past Sunday.  The clipboards came out stunning!  Here are all the beautiful creations created by our students!








































































Thanks everyone for sharing your creations with us!

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Designer Tag 2- Nature’s Beauty

The second tag in our series was designed and created by me.  I had a little help from Jamie and Brandy who were sitting in our crop room.  I made sure I used all products that we have in stock…including the stamps!  Can you figure out the techniques I created this tag with?  If you would like to learn how to make this tag….come to crop night this Friday!  This is a free make & take!

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How the Imagination Studio Works

How do you use the Imagination Studio?  It’s as easy as 1…2…3!  And it’s fun too!!!!

First… come to Treasured Memories dressed in your favorite costume.  Then have fun taking pictures!  It’s “Free”!

Little Boo!

Witchy Wendy

Emily’s Last Day…Cute Halloween Cupcakes were made by Amy….they were so awesome!

Second…..Take the Layout class to scrap your Imagination Studio pictures!  Have fun Learning all kind of cool techniques!






Third…..Go home with the perfect Imagination Studio Layout!!!

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