New Kitz Girl Kit….”Cupid’s Arrow”

Love is in the air, and I’ve been inspired to create a new layout.  Everyone’s been asking me what my next kit girl kit would be.  I wasn’t sure.  When all the cute Valentine lines arrived at the store, I was inspired.  On Tuesday, after teaching my class, then putting out the freight, around 5:30 pm I started working on this layout.  By 6:15 pm I had the basis down.  I went home, slept on it, then came back the next day and finished it.  I can’t tell you how much fun it was creating this layout!


I love chalkboard papers and have never used them.  So that was my challenge.  The cute Jillibean’s Pea Pods are to die for!!!  There are 52 embellishments in this box and I almost used every one of them.  I love paper straws, and at my register I have a variety of them, and I keep adding designs to collection.  So many customers ask me “how do you use the straws”?  So here’s the perfect example of what to do.  I made a cute bouquet of balloons, lollipops and fun Valentine’s elements.  To top it all off I added a straw with a die that slides right on top!!!  There are all kinds of new patterns on the silhouette for shapes that fit on top of straws.  I just loved the “Be Mine”.  So I added that to the bouquet.

photo 1

Where does the Fox Go???

The fox was one of my favorite embellishments in the  Pea Pod pack, and just couldn’t find a place to put him!  Connie and Annie kept laughing at me….and couldn’t understand why I had a fetish with this cute little fox.  I think I figured it out.  He looks like my dog Meeko!!!  What do you think???  Of course, you need to look beyond the pink…..



He is definitely one of the little loves of my life and deserves to be front and center!!!  So, if it was my personal layout, I would place him here on top of the cute heart!  Feel free to think outside the box and change the layout to suit your pictures and your tastes!!!  Anyway….just wanted to let you know….you get this bonus  cute little fox with this kit!  You can decide where the fox goes!


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