Christmas Creating going on….

The store has been full of people creating gifts for Christmas!  I have people asking me to post pictures on my blog because they don’t do facebook.  I’ll try and be better at doing this.  We’ve been so crazy at the store and keeping up with A website, Facebook and Blog is very time consuming.  But I know everyone is so busy and like to look at other people’s creations from the confort of their home….so here are a few things that people have asked me to post:

Here is a huge shadowbox that Paula help one of our customers make.  Paula sent her to Kinko’s to make a 3 foot copy of the castle, and they sat there and paper pieced the whole thing!  Tessie added pictures of her grandson and all the characters from Disney.  They created the filmstrip below with our binding machine!!!  It’s really cool!  Tessie left it in our store for everyone to see and enjoy until Christmas.  Come check it out!!

Here are some creations made in our Donna Downey Canvas class I taught yesterday.  We are out of the kits, but we do sell the Prima Canvas paper and Iron ons if you want to create a similar look.  I love the different colors my students chose!  Using Donna’s Foam Stamps is also a blast!

We carry Themed paper….and look at some cool layouts made with materials from our store….

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