Summer is Over…New Store, New Puppy!

I can’t believe Summer is Over!  School has started…Dakota’s at LSU and Cassidy is now at Lafayette High.

Before I start getting into all the happenings going on, I want to send out a very special message to my friend Paula Arabie.  She lost her Mom this week.  I hope everyone keeps her in their thoughts and prayers.    We love you Paula!!!

Paula is still having her crop next weekend at the Lodge.  If you are having withdrawals from Cropping or Shopping….this will be a great time for you to get it all out!   I have some cool new Products….including Graphic 45 papers and embellishments!!!  The new Halloween line is toooooo cute!

ok….I’ve heard lots of you have been by the location of our new store.  I’m really excited at the progress they are making!!!  I took this picture last week…

Since this picture they have finished the air conditioning and the ceilings.  They are going to start the floors next week!  It’s getting really close!!!  How do you like the color??

In addition to the new store…I have a new love in my life!!!  Our family has a new puppy!!!  His name is Cado.  He is sooooo cute….and soooo good!  I can’t tell you how in love I am with this little thing.

Cassidy and Cado.

This puppy is amazing!  In addition to just cute and lovable….I’ve had him almost 3 weeks and have taught him how to sit, down, walk, high five, roll over, fetch & stay!!!

Cassidy has been wanting a puppy for years…and I’ve always said no.  Mike said she could have one for her 15th birthday.  I’ve been looking all over for a dog that’s smart, cute and lovable.  I love German Shepards, but Mike said that was too big.  Soooo, I saw these cute Pampillon puppies for sale in Eunice. I’ve never heard of this breed.  I looked him up on the internet and found out they are small dogs…up to 7-8 lbs.  They are lovable, faithful and intelligent. They are actually one of the top 10 intelligent dogs.  We decided to go look.

Ok….How can you resist??!  All of the puppies were just so adorable!   Cassidy went in wanting a girl puppy and we left with the only boy.    From the moment Cassidy sat down to look at the puppies, he was the first to jump in her lap and just stay there.  All the other puppies ran around playing..We ended up bringing him home and making him a part of our family!  Dakota got to chose his name…. Cado!

Upon his check-up, Dr. Lambert told me he was a very healthy puppy, raised in a good home.   He also thought I spent between 800 – $1200 for it!  I told him that I only paid $350.  He said I was at the right place at the right time.  I totally recommend this lady to anyone who wants a puppy!  Her name in Jennifer Glasscock, and I think she may have a female left.   It’s so nice to find a person who is honest and loving to buy a puppy from!!!!

Ok….I feel like a mommy showing off her new grand baby.  I can’t wait to start Scrapping him!!!!



Besides taking care of Cado, Wendy and I have been very busy working on Kitz!  We have a new baby Kit out today!

You have your choice of Baby Girl or Baby Boy.  The cost of the Kit is $20 and includes our new “Baby Trinket Pins”!  The Kits go on sale today and will be ready to pick up at Paula’s Crop!

Here is an update on all our Kitz..

Princess Kitz – Will be ready Monday.  We might have 2 more for purchase at Paula’s Crop.  We  will be making more Princess Kitz for Scrapfest and are taking pre-orders for them.  These kitz are really a great price.  It contains so many pre-cut things…lots of bling and specialty papers!  We are only making 20 more, and when there gone, we will not be making them again.

Bug Kitz – We are completely sold out of bug kitz and are putting 20 more together for Paula’s Crop.  You can still pre-order them online.  These Kitz really are so cute, and are Wendy’s favorite!!!

Now that  Summer is over,  we will have lots of  fun scrapbooking moments coming up….Football, Halloween, Fall and of course for me….Puppy pages!   The store will be opening in October…so get ready.  We will have our Grand opening celebration in November!  More details will be coming.

I miss everyone and hope to see you soon!!!




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2 responses to “Summer is Over…New Store, New Puppy!

  1. Nella Crusan

    Janet….you can’t tease me anymore about scrapping my dogs:) You’re going to be just as bad as me:) The store color looks great. Can’t wait to see you.

  2. Aphra bolyer

    Hi Janet, thanks for the update! Cado is precious and the store looks FAB! lOVE the new color. Can’t wait to see ya! Hugs!

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