Slide Show from the Rayne Forest

Can I tell you how much fun we had????  There is this big beautiful Mural right in front of the Civic Center…..just perfect for our Imagination Studio!  The pictures came out so awesome…and were lots of fun to do!!!  Everyone there received a 5 x 7 photo…and I thought everyone might enjoy seeing some of the pictures…I have lots more pictures coming!  Been editing all day yesterday and today!!!  I’ll be making another slide show of the layout contest..the layout were fabulous!!!  Stay tuned!!!



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2 responses to “Slide Show from the Rayne Forest

  1. Penny K. Russell

    …was one of the best crops I’ve ever been to. Absolutely loved Connie’s and Melissa’s class: Cabella, totally inspired me and learned so much. So many positives with this crop ie: 6 foot table, great lighting, great food, wonderful vendors, and I, for one, LOVED THE COLD TEMPS!!! Only one suggestion: swap table! Thanks, and see yall in Mandeville!

  2. Sandy Brown

    I agree at least 100% with Penny. This crop was almost perfect — certainly the best I have ever attended. The swap table is a good idea. The table space, the lighting, the classes, the vendors, the food (oh, goodness – especially the red beans and rice and the cookies!!!!!), the number of days for the price, the proximity of the hotel, a minimum of announcements (and no games — thank you! — although the spontaneous party parade was fun!!). In fact, we have already booked our hotel room for next year — just waiting for Janet to post the registration!!

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