Introducing our 2010 Design Team’s 1st Layout!

Our design team met this past Sunday and wowed me!   They turned in their layouts of themselves!  They are now on the wall….you need to come in and see them because the picture of each does not do them justice.  Also, make sure you check out their blog to see their bios.  They are posting them daily.

Here are our Design Teams 1st layouts!…enjoy!!!

***Also…to see a closer view, and more detail…click on the Picture

Aphra Boyler

Her two reasons why she scrapbooks….how sweet!!!

Everyone had to use an 8 x 10 picture on their layout.  It was really hard for Aphra to do this.  First of all, she likes doing one page layouts.  If you notice in the above photo, she cut the 8 x 10 picture up into 3 sections!  Isn’t it an amazing technique???  She backed each section with white cardstock, which makes it resemble 3 photos.  I love it!!!  She also cut up a butterfly transparency from Hambly prints and layered some butterflies with butterfly punch outs.  Instead of inking her edges, she used a black pen to accent them!!!

Aphra uses the Slice instead of the Cricut.  She cut her letters and number out of the Slice.  Notice the flower?  Do you know how she made it?  She used her fingers as the template, cut them out, and layered them!  This is the first time I’ve ever seen that done.  She used different fingers to change the petal sizes.  Then she added crystal Stickles to give them that glitter shine….

Carol Gatza

This is Who I Am

There are people who like making their flowers, and there are those that just love Prima!!!  Honestly, you can’t beat the beauty of Prima flowers!  Carole loves everything Prima!  But who doesn’t????

The Journal Block.  I love this technique!  This was a 12 x 12 sheet of Webster’s paper.  Carol cut it, backed it on chipboard and then added journaling on vellum and adhered it.  She made her own beautiful journaling block…..that tells her story…..Love it!!!

How about making your own embellishment with Graphic 45 paper and metal frames?  It almost looks like a cameo with a twist!  Each layout has little stories about who each person is.  Carol won her first layout contest with Graphic 45 paper…this represented that!

How cool…she used a bingo card and put November over the 1…to represent her birthday!  Good job Carole!

Frances Sylvia

6 of 1 – meaning she’s 1/6 of what makes her whole…her family!!!!

When we choose people for the Design Team we like to choose people who have different styles.  I’ll be honest with you, Frances has a style that most people can relate to.  First of all, selecting a title is a technique.  I love her title!  It’s almost like a poem to me!  Notice the empty space… the scrapbooking world…space is good.  Notice how you see the pictures stand out!!!  She is also a one-pager like Aphra and found it very hard to work with 2 pages…and an 8 x 10 picture.  I thought she did a beautiful job!

France loves her label maker and her Slice.  Neither her nor Aphra  own a Cricut!  The label maker is a great and easy way to add stylish journaling.  The Slice made all those cute shapes that are all over her layout!  Also…take note of that tracing technique…..instead of inking her edges she also outlined her layout and pieces and layout with a black pen.  Very cool!

Franny Bobbitt

Just Dream

Franny has so many techniques and used so many different products to complete this layout.  At the same time, she has so many pieces of herself on here.  The card itself was the “Trash” from her Prima package.  She punched a heart at the bottom and filled it with buttons that complimented her layout.  She stamped and embellished the card with Prima butterflies, cameo, a Trinket Pin and topped it off with her grandmother’s handkerchief.

Franny started this cluster off with a Tattered Angels chipboard tile.  She used a new product “Twinkling H2O'” to paint it.  She got the jewelry dragonfly from her friend Paula.  She accented her flowers with Smooch!  What a great way to use Smooch!  You can add polka dots or lines to add definition and color!!!

The wishing well is the perfect accent for her layout titled “Wishes do come True”!  The details that went into this well is amazing.  First of all she used 3 sheets of Webster’s Pages to create the dimension.  She used twine and actually sewed the stitches to create the crank.  The bricks with created with a textured flock and traced with Copic Markers.

The details put into the layout is appreciated up close when you see all the different elements she used.  She hand sewed all the leave buttons on the tree.  She used crepe paper to create part of her title.  It truly is a beautiful tribute to herself and really does tell you the story of her life…she puts so much into everything she does!!!

Liz Granger

My Favs – Liz fills her page with everything that makes her, her.

First of all, the colors Liz chose  in this layout is so eye catching!  I love the cluster to the left of her picture.  It contains so many things that represents her life.  A book cover (from her favorite author), Chop sticks (representing her love of Chinese foods), A pink feather (from her Mardi Gras Ball Costume), An umbrella (from her cocktail drinks) and a black ballet slipper from her daughters bag (which represents her daughter who loves to dance).

Another little cluster here is just plain cute!  Notice how she arranged her shopping receipts into a flower!  Amazing!  The Cork is from an actual bottle of wine she drank, and the shell is from the beach this past summer!

A journaling list with all her favs combined with a cross and a Trinket Pin!  Notice her flower???  Love it!  She took squares and rolled them into petals!  New technique!  Great job Liz!!!

Paula Arabie

My Passions in Life

(or I named it Rhinestone Cowgirl)

I just love this layout.  The pictures tell it all!  Paula is fun, loud and creative!!!!  She added all the elements that make Paula, Paula.

When I think of Paula’s style, I think of bling….and lots of it!  Paula’s life is filled with all kinds of crafts, and she brings so many of her talents to this layout.  Notice the blue jean pocket.  She embellished it with rhinestones, hand created flowers, bling, lace and trinket pins!!!  (Notice the bling on the cross, I bet she put that on there too!!!)

Paula filled her layout with lots of little quotes of who she is!  I love it!  The beaded blue jeans was actual blue jeans that was beaded.  She just cut it up.  She used her own belt loops to finish it!  All of the little charms and trinkets added to this layout has got to be from her vast collection!

Being unique and different definitely fits Paula’s description.   Ok…now her downside.  She doesn’t like the computers, and getting her to blog is very difficult.  She’s just lucky we love her!

Tanya Joseph

I’m not sure where to begin.  I guess I’ll start by saying Tanya is an artist.  Her layouts are so dimensional, they are hanging shadow boxes without the frame.  When you sit there and dissect this layout, you find a surprise around every corner that you might not have seen before!

The hat:  was the actual hat she was wearing in the picture.  She took it apart and recreated it on the layout.  Wow!  Those beautiful Eyes!  Wow again!  With everything she has on this layout, you still see this beautiful picture of her!!!

How cool are the pictures?  She took pictures of her different personalities.  Great idea!  Notice the flower.  The flower is created with a real sewing pattern!  Ok….really cool technique!  Tanya is known for making beautiful paper flowers.  How she created this flower, and what she created out of, just shows you how different and special her talents are!

Layers of fabric adorned with sewing pattern flowers filled with antique Rhinestone buttons and a Trinket Pin!  parts of the hat are mixed in this cluster.

Tanya loves Vintage!  She goes to antique stores and collects things to put on their layout.  Notice the old button cards.  Also notice how she cuts up her graphic 45 papers.  You have to see her layout in person to see all the crinkling, folding, clustering and cutting she did to make this layout simply amazing!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these layouts.  Get prepared…because we have a whole year of this creativity!  Can’t wait!


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2 responses to “Introducing our 2010 Design Team’s 1st Layout!

  1. Janet, this team is amazing!!!! (as always, of course). I love all their work and how they are full of gorgeous ideas. Thanks for posting them!

  2. Sandy Brown

    wow! wow! wow! Such creativity!!! Beautiful job ladies! Can’t wait to get over to Lafayette to breathe in some of these wonderful ideas — such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

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