Scrapfest Weekend full of Creations!!!

Our first Scrapfest was a blast!!!!  I couldn’t wait to share all the exciting happenings there!

First of all, I want to thank all my employees for coming out and helping us make our booth the bomb!!!!   Connie, Jodeen, Wendy, Heather & Mandy!!!!  We couldn’t have done it without any of you!!!!!

Our first day was such an experience!!!!  There are so many wonderful people at Scrapfest!  I learned so much about the scrapbooking world outside of Lafayette!!!   I was surprised to see how many of those out there had never used Stickles!  Wendy Stickled a cute little frog and then we couldn’t keep the Stickles on the shelf!!!  Our Treasured Trinkets was also a HUGE hit!!!!  We were so excited to see them all over the layouts throughout the building and even in the layout contest!!!  Here are some of the cool layouts using our Treasured Trinkets!!!

Connie had her Class Friday Night.  She had 17 students!!!!  She was so excited!  She taught them how to create this beautiful layout using the latest and greatest techniques and products……here is some pictures of her class…

Chip Tile Make and Take from Tattered Angels….

Wendy is one of the best spray mister’s I know!  Connie even lets Wendy Spray mists her stuff!!!  Who better to teach everyone how easy it is to create a masterpiece with Tattered Angels spray mists and Tattered Angels Chip Tiles!!!

First of all….Tattered Angels makes the best spray mists out there.  Everything else looks like spray paint to me.  There has been mocks…but nothing looks like Tattered Angels!!!   Here is some pictures of our demo…

We always try to do make and takes that not only teach techniques…but something that they can use to make them go outside their box.  I was surprised to see how many people used their make and take!  Here is one of my favorite examples….

Not only did she use our make and take chip tile, but she also used our Trinket Pin!!!!  She created this beautiful card for her daughter!!!!  I just loved it!!!  So did she!!!

On Saturday we pulled out our bead boxes and let everyone create their on Scissor Charm!  Wendy put one together after another….then Paula taught Mandy how to do it, then the rest was History!!!  Mandy is now an expert at making Scissor Charms….and even created the Gypsy Charm!!!!   (thanks to Laurie Faulk).  Laurie had the first ever Gypsy Charm!!!!   This is a charm you attach to your gypsy stylist that matches your Gypsy!!!  This way you never lose it our get it mixed up with someone elses!!!!  Just goes to show you what can happen when you mix all those creative minds together in one building!!!  After this awesome day and experience, we are now going to have “Treasured Trinket Day” at Treasured Memories where people can create their own Scissor and Gypsy Charms!!!  Look at just a few of the creations!!!

Our Day ended with Wendy’s Class!!!!  The   class was a huge success and we’ll have another one at the next Scrapfest!!!  Wendy has an art that is unbelievable.  What she can do with spray mists, ribbon and flowers is just amazing!  Her students thought so too!!!!  Here are some of the awesome creations in Wendy’s class!!!

A special recognition needs to be given to several of our Design Team members….Tanya won not only the layout contest…but she won the picture contest too!!!  She is so very talented!!!!

Paula also won the Design Team contest and created some beautiful shadow boxes!!!

Franny created some beautiful layouts….and I give her full credit for coming up with our Scissor Charms!!!!  They were a huge hit!!!!

Paula also won the Layout contest and created some beautiful shadowboxes….maybe she’ll post them on her blog!!!

All and all….our weekend was so much fun!!!  I’ll end it with a happy customer using Prima flowers in a new thing we are going to now create….a headband!!!  Thanks for inspiring us!!!


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  1. Tina


    Looks like y’all were a hit. I treasure you, TrMemories and your staff and teachers.

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