A new Surprise Class!

We had a bunch of beautiful ladies attending a local scrapbooking event in town come to our store this past weekend.  First of all, it was a compliment just to have them come in our store!  But,  when they asked us if we would be interested in teaching a class for them Saturday evening, it was an offer that was so flattering, I couldn’t turn it down!  We let them thumb through our classes to find something that they would be interested in.  They chose one of Wendy’s layouts that she did for the month of August.  Since Wendy was unable to teach the class, Connie and Heather Bares stepped in to help.  What do you get when you mix a Wendy and Connie class together?  A Designer Calendar class!!!!  Connie let everyone pick out their own papers and we taught them the Treasured Memories Spectum & climbing Ribbon Techniques!  The layouts were to die for!!!!  So was the posing in our Imagination Studio.  I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long time!  These ladies are alot of fun!!!  Thanks Heather and Connie for doing this class at the last minute….and a special thanks to our ladies from Metairie, Texas and Florida for supporting our store!   Here are some fun pictures…




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4 responses to “A new Surprise Class!

  1. Jill Crossfield

    Janet, Connie and Heather,
    Thank you SO much for the class and the hilarity! We were still laughing at 2 in the morning(imagine that). Your store is wonderful and so are the creative ladies who call it home. Looking forward to my next trip to Louisiana. My husband is already trying to figure out what to do in July!

  2. I second what Jill said – I had an absolute blast on Saturday night and really appreciate you welcoming us into your store for the unscheduled class! I learned a lot and am thrilled with my layout. I can’t wait to visit you all again!

  3. Pam

    I had a lot of fun also. I enjoyed learning a new technique. Thanks for staying late to have an unscheduled class for us! I’m hoping that I’m available to attend your event in July.

  4. Elisabeth Hoeivik

    Love love love your store AND work-room! You’re a lucky girl!!!
    Would be great to come again:)

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