Garage Sale Frenzy!

We all just love Garage Sales.  Especially when all of the stuff is scrapbook related!  We had so much fun this past Saturday with everyone who shopped …. and a special thanks to those who dropped off their goodies to sell!  This was one of the most successful garage sales we’ve ever had!  I couldn’t believe how bare the tables were at the end of the day!  Here are some pictures……


Mandy, Michelle, Jodeen, Wendy, Patti, Heather, Casey …..and Janet!




Some people brought their own bag and then realized they should have brought a bigger one!


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One response to “Garage Sale Frenzy!

  1. Sandy

    Wow!! I don’t know if I am more amazed by the number of ladies shopping, or the amount of stuff on the tables, or the amount of stuff the ladies bought. What a fun, fun day!!! Looks like a great success! Sorry I missed it — will have to check this out next time!!

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