Donna Downey Teaches Today!!!! Happy Birthday to Me!!!


Ok…what would be a better gift for my birthday than to spend the day creating with my friends!!!  Donna Downey came to our store and taught her canvas book class.  I was in awe.  Everyone was in awe.  She ranks up their with Tim Holtz….her creativity, her uniqueness and her teaching were so inspiring!  Molding paste, gesso, gel medium……are now just a few of my favorite things…..There aren’t many classes that I can take that I actually learn different things.  This class blew me away!!!  It blew everyone away.  By the way…did I mention that canvas is now one of my favorites!  And Connie, she loved the canvas so much, be prepared for a layout class created on canvas very soon!!!!  To sum it all up, Donna got our creative juices flowing.   A special thanks to all our scrapbookers who joined us for the weekend.  We haven’t done one of these in awhile…and I have to say….it  was very nice.  The whole group was so awesome!   Thanks for all the support and making our weekend so special!!!   Now, here are some of the pictures of Donna’s class today…..













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3 responses to “Donna Downey Teaches Today!!!! Happy Birthday to Me!!!

  1. Oh My God!!!
    I cannot believe how much fun I had this weekend at Treasured Memories. I will be watching and learning everything I can from Donna Downey.
    She is such an inspiration to my motto,”Learn something new everyday,” which is an understatement. I was taught how to use more new products in this class than in any other. Being employed at a local arts and crafts store, painting and all the products and techniques were not one of my knowledge strong points, until today. My job knowledge was just kicked up a knotch today. I am so excited to use the new tips, techniques, and products that I can hardly even get to sleep. Thank you Janet for talking me into staying to have a little fun hanging out with my friends and making some new ones.
    Paula Arabie

  2. wendy

    Thanks for such a wonderful event. Had fun working, teaching and learning from Donna! What an awesome adventure!

  3. heather bares

    Well, now that the weekend is over and I am a bit recovered, I just want to say that I had a blast this weekend. The whole weekend was just tons of fun! The Glitz Girls on Friday were awesome, the TM girls on Saturday were awesome and Donna Downey on Sunday was awesome. It was a great weekend. I can’t tell you how much I learned this weekend from layering and stamping to using water colors and modeling paste among other things. It was a great weekend and I can’t wait until the next one, so start planning!

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