Crop like a Scrap Star Weekend Begins!!!

I am so excited!  Our Crop weekend has begun and we have a great group of people here cropping with us all weekend!  After rolling out the pink carpet for our customers, the Glitz Girls arrived!  Erin and Laura are just too cute!  They were alot of fun and everyone just fell in love with them!  Even though I’m pretty busy this weekend…I couldn’t wait to post pictures for everyone out there to enjoy!DSC_0399DSC_0417







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3 responses to “Crop like a Scrap Star Weekend Begins!!!

  1. monica


  2. heather bares

    The Glitz Girls were so fun!!!! Great class!

  3. Tina

    Fun, fun, fun! The weekend was filled with great projects and your helpful and always cheerful staff. Treasured Memories rocks. Donna’s class was awesome. Thanks for continuing to offer such a variety of classes and activities to your customers. Wendy, Connie, and Melissa rank right up there with Donna. I guess we’d better get their autographs before they go on a national tour. Happy Birthday to you, Janet!!!

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