And the winner is….Frances Sylvia!

Frances Sylvia said

June 30, 2009 at 8:23 pm e

1. Tanya and Kay Lynn (Tanya always has tons of layering on her layouts and Kay Lynn uses girly colors in some of her layouts)
2. Paula and Lisa (Paula loves flowers…I have yet to see a layout of hers without them and Lisa’s layouts always make me smile because they are sooo bright and cheerful)
3. Aphra and Patti (Aphra loves butterflies and stick pins and Patti has had layouts that have twigs and vines)
4. Liz and Brandy (I believe that Liz and Brandy have already done a PINK layout)

Congratulations!  You guessed correctly!  I’m impressed!  That was really hard!  The next time you come to the store you’ll get a $25 merchandise gift certificate!!!


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One response to “And the winner is….Frances Sylvia!

  1. Frances Sylvia

    WoooHooo! I stalk this blog and the entire design team for that matter. I thought that there were tons of hints in their layouts. Loved the layouts ladies!

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