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Layout Contest at MegaCrop

We had two contest at our weekend!  One was a layout contest.  The other was a tag contest.  Here are the layouts that were entered into the layout contest.  These are all so awesome, it was really hard to even judge them.  The winners were chosen by our croppers.  Which ones are your favorite?   Winners will be posted Monday!

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Mega Crop weekend fun!

Ok...I've been working really hard on editing all the pictures.  I took over 450 pictures of the event, and had to choose which ones to post.  The whole weekend was so much fun!   Here are pictures taken by Connie in our Imagination Studio.....the theme was "Paris"....

I want to thank my teachers Wendy, Melissa, Amy, Lisa Johnson and Jenni Bowlin for going that extra mile to prepare and teach everyone!  Jenni and her husband Jared simply loved Breaux Bridge and actually had Matt & Stacy Landry take thier pictures in down town Breaux Bridge.  She is going to use the pictures in her next class project.  Since Jenni loves antiques, the background was perfect for her personality…..Check out his blog with the beautiful pictures he took of Jenni and Jared:

dsc_00691Also, check out Jenni’s Blog for more of her work.

I also want to thank my staff and members of our 2008 Design Team: Heather Bares, Lisa Geautreax & Lisa Johnson for all their hard work and dedication.    I couldn’t have done it without all of you!!!   I will have more picturs of our staff and party pics coming….I’m still editing!   I took lots of pictures of awesome layouts….you won’t want to miss it!


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It’s Croppin Time Somewhere w/ Jenni Bowlin!


What a weekend!  I have been sleeping half the day away recouping.   I’m up and about and I started editing the pictures of the event and will have more pictures coming!  Just looking at the pictures brings all kinds of smiles to my face!  The weekend was sooooo awesome!  We had so much fun, and I hope everybody did too!  It couldn’t have been a more wonderful group of croppers!  Jenni was a doll!  She brought her husband Jared, who we all got to know too!  It was a wonderful weekend, and I can’t wait to posts all the action!   Stay tuned……


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More Designer’s Eye Creations

What happens when you fail to close a class and people keep signing up?   You get 21 people in your class!   We usually schedule 16 people per class, and we always have a few cancelations.  This time we had no cancelations.  A special thanks to Melissa, Mandy, Jodeen and our new employee Carin for all being there to help out.  Also, thanks to all our customers for being patient!  Look at the wonderful creations created by our students this past Saturday….













Good job girls….I knew you could handle it!

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