Design Team meeting this week…


Top Row:  Brandy, Patti, Tanya, Aphra & Lisa

Bottom Row:  Liz, Paula & Kaylyn

Ok…I have to tell you that Treasured Memories has the best Design Team out there!  They met this past Wednesday night and brought in their layouts.  The layouts were stunning!  I sat in on the meeting for the first hour and was very impressed on how well Melissa heades the whole thing!  She picks up each layout and points out what techniques they used.  I was amazed at these girls talent!  They use techniques in every little detail.   Melissa Gave each pair the same line of papers and compared how each one used the products differently.  Cosmo Cricket, Teresa Collins & Jenni bowlin were the paper and embellishment line used.  I’ve already sent the layouts to Jenni.  Jenni was so impressed with Tanya that she pulled her aside at our big Mega Crop Weekend and gave her places to send her work.  Congrats Tanya!

I’ve decided to play a little game…be the first person to guess which design team member did which layout…and win a $25 gift certificate to the store!  (Those of you who were present at the Design Team Meeting can not guess)  Guesses must be posted in the comment box on this blog.

Take a look at how awesome these are!

















Hope you play the game…..remember, it’s the first one who guesses it right on the blog that wins!


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8 responses to “Design Team meeting this week…

  1. Helen Meaux

    layout match contest. 1.Brandy, 2. Liz, 3.Paula, 4.Kaylyn
    5.Lisa, 6. Patti,7. Aphra,8. Tanya

  2. Tina Levron

    I’m crossing my fingers on this:
    Nanny Fair-Brandy
    1st Birthday-Patti
    Beginning of Obsession-Liz
    Love You-Kailyn
    Then and Now-Lisa
    2 Sweet Boys-Aphra
    Family Time-Paula

  3. Donna Jumonville

    Design team Layout contest
    Brandy #1
    Kaylyn #2
    paula #3
    Liz #4
    Lisa #5
    pattie #6
    Aphra #7
    Tanya #8

  4. Carole Gatza

    Layout contest
    1. Kaylyn
    2. Liz
    3. Brandy
    4. Aphra
    5. Lisa
    6. Patti
    7. Paula
    8. Tanya

  5. Becky Blair

    1. Brandy
    2. Kaylyn
    3. Liz
    4. Paula
    5. Lisa
    6. Patti
    7. Aphra
    8. Tanya

  6. Becky Blair

    1. Brandy
    2. Kaylyn
    3. Paula
    4. Liz
    5. Lisa
    6. Patti
    7. Aphra
    8. Tanya

  7. Jan

    Purely a guess!
    1. Kaylyn
    2. Tanya
    3. Aphra
    4. Liz
    5. Lisa
    6. Patti
    7. Paula
    8. Brandy

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