Good secrets are hard to keep!

Ok….I have to admit….it’s really hard keeping our guest teacher a secret.  Actually, it’s hard for me to keep any secret…especially a good one! 

I will tell you this, it is a she and she has already put on her blog that she is coming down to teach at Treasured Memories.  It is amazing that I received several emails already saying they read her blog and to make sure they get on the list to get in! 

I have to also say it’s really fun having a secret!  Everyone in the crop room yesterday kept trying to guess!  It was so much fun!  Since they were in the crop room I gave them all kinds of hints…and even told them how much the class was going to cost.  That really threw them for a loop! 

Only one more day to go….I will be at the store all day….I hope I can make it!

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One response to “Good secrets are hard to keep!

  1. Lisa

    Is it Heidi Swapp? I definately want in! I will be more than happy to bribe you too!!!!

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